95 Year Old College Student

June 20, 2007

Red Skimmer Dragonfly (Male)

Photo by Kellie Snider, Copyright 2007

My regular readers know that I am in the dreadful red tape throes of completing the Master of Science in Behavior Analysis at the University of North Texas. 

And that I turned 50 this year.

Schooling with 23-year-old whiz kids who can smoke pot all weekend, sleep two hours and still comprehend research articles well enough to twist my head in knots during class discussions has been a cruel reminder that I am not a kid any more.  It doesn’t help that their toned abdomens are always exposed.  At least I can rest assured that in a few years they will regret the tattoo.

Nevertheless it’s been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life to return to school, to figure out how to get everything done, to stop watching TV for a few years… that is, until my spouse got me hooked on Lost.  My age-peers sometimes resist the idea, but I urge you to make the chance to go back to school. 

It’s never too late.  Nola Ochs has earned her bachelor’s degree at the age of 95 and is able to tell first hand stories to her class mates about the lessons being taught in class.  She’s even being entered into the Guiness Book of World Records as the oldest college graduate on record.  Way to go, Nola!!  

Here’s the piece that appeared in Encarta:  http://encarta.msn.com/encnet/Departments/AdultLearning/?article=StillCracking95>1=10092

The photo has nothing to do with the article- I got some awesome pictures of dragonflies mating and laying eggs two days ago.  See the rest of them here: http://www.animalbehavioranswers.com/id159.html


One Response to “95 Year Old College Student”

  1. Praise Austin Says:

    this story is amazing but i wish i can get into the guiness world book of records for graduating from high school at 14 with no skipping and special programs.

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